1D & 5SOS

coco-chanel-paradise: Do you know what hotel the boys will be staying at in NYC. I'm just curious because I'm doing color visits in the area this week. PLEASE !! And THANK YOU !!

ah i wish i knew love, im sorry i dont know :( ah i feel bad. ill look out and see if i can find anything 

Anonymous: What's the initiation for the mafia? I NEED to join !!

you have to know everything there is to know about the boys. Youll be asked a few questions and then u can join the mafia 

sarahdwells: I feel you on the Harry gifs! Did you watch the whole love stream

no i havent had time to watch it all yet, ive been so damn busy with school. ive watched some of it and i cant wait to have enough time to watch it all